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Project Description

The Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool equips users with decision-relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of light-duty vehicle fleet procurements. The Microsoft Excel-based tool can evaluate a variety of procurement ownership structures, vehicle types, and procurement scenarios. The tool compares procurements side-by-side on a cost-per-mile basis and provides an analysis of cash flows and location-specific lifecycle emissions. The tool is highly flexible, supports customizable sensitivity variables, and produces user-friendly results summaries.

The tool was built as part of EV Smart Fleets, an initiative to implement a multi-state aggregated electric vehicle procurement for public fleets. EV Smart Fleets seeks to accelerate electric vehicle adoption by public fleets, lower the purchase price of electric vehicles for public fleets, and increase access to a wider range of electric vehicle models. The Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program has provided funding for this effort as part of their work with nearly 100 coalitions nationwide to decrease the use of petroleum in transportation.

Last Updated: December 2017

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Below is the contact information for all contributors to the design and development of the Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool.

Contact at Atlas Public Policy
Nick Nigro

Contact at the Cadmus Group, Inc.
Philip Quebe
Senior Associate
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Release Notes

See what’s new and download previous versions of the tool.

Version Date Author Organization Revisions
1.10 12/4/2017 Philip Quebe The Cadmus Group, Inc. Backend code improvements
1.09 11/17/2017 Philip Quebe The Cadmus Group, Inc. Improvements to sensitivity analysis functionality. Added ability to model both baseline and comparison scenarios in a single sensitivity chart. Simplified and organized sensitivity selection options.
1.08 10/20/2017 Nick Nigro Atlas Public Policy Added support for Canadian market (metric system, Canadian province-specific data, etc.). Moved remaining hardcoded defaults to Data tab to make it easier for users to customize them. Speed up user experience when editing inputs. Updated GREET figures for gasoline emissions. Updated U.S. insurance costs. Argument files created with previous version of the tool will not work correctly.
1.07 9/5/2017 Nick Nigro Atlas Public Policy Fix to allow users to add custom vehicles to “DB_Vehicles” table.
1.06 7/3/2017 Nick Nigro Atlas Public Policy Added support for U.S. average emissions and fuel prices. Use ZIP Code 00000 to set to U.S. average. Added support for more comprehensive vehicle selection and vehicle incentives. Improved robustness of some table lookup calculations. Added link to vehicle details on fueleconomy.gov.
1.05 6/1/2017 Philip Quebe The Cadmus Group, Inc. Minor bug fixes: sensitivity analysis and EV infrastructure inputs
1.00 5/30/2017 Philip Quebe The Cadmus Group, Inc. First launch