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Public fleets are realizing significant benefits from the deployment of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs), and many public fleets want to ‘lead by example’ by showing the public the benefits of transitioning to EVs. Although EVs are increasingly becoming a cost-effective and viable opportunity for fleets, higher purchase costs, complex procurement processes, and insufficient charging infrastructure remain barriers to adoption.

EV Smart Fleets seeks to overcome these challenges and increase state and local fleet EV adoption by educating public fleets about EV benefits, conducting research on important elements for a new vehicle procurement, and developing a multi-state EV solicitation and procurement agreement. EV Smart Fleets goals include:

  • Accelerate electric vehicle adoption by public fleets
  • Lower the purchase price of electric vehicles for public fleets by at least 15% through volume purchases and creative financing and ownership tools
  • Increase access to a wider range of electric models

EV Smart Fleets will also seek to improve access to EV charging stations for public fleets.

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